The key inside source in American Huckster is one-time soap opera actress Mary Lynn Blanks, Chuck Blazer's lover of ten years and a witness to his splendiferous life holding court at Elaine’s, jetting around the globe and being plied with gifts by World Cup suitors. Blanks was at Blazer’s side when he quickly caved in to FBI pressure to cooperate with the agency’s investigation into FIFA corruption — and during his months secretly taping and betraying his friends. Blanks provides a unique, thoughtful, fascinating insight into the soul of Chuck Blazer, a canny, innovative sports administrator beloved by many and feared by others, and a recklessly bold thief. Blanks was stunned when Blazer finally confessed to her that he hadn't paid any US taxes for decades. "What were you thinking, Chuck?" she asked him. "You're going to end your life in a federal penitentiary." The morbidly obese, borderline diabetic, long-time chain-smoker Blazer responded: “I thought I’d be dead before anyone caught up to me.”